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About Our Online Membership Community:

In our effort to connect women, EveryWomanCanBe… (“EWCB”) has created its own Online Membership Community to bring Women from all over the World together in one community to be educated on professional and personal topics.  It is also to share thoughts, ideas, and support.

 Consider the following excepts from a blog post by James Davidson on ForeFront Magazine blog:

 “While social networks have their value, owned properties provide elements that social networks like Facebook cannot. They provide a tailored design, enhanced access to data and more options for control. A well-rounded social media strategy likely will include social networks such as Facebook in addition to owned online properties. When a company builds its network on a platform like Twitter, they are subject to that technology company’s business model. The user experience and available data are based on what the platform is willing to provide—and that will probably have little to do with a company’s own objectives and needs.

A recent study found that 90 percent of Facebook fans never return to your page after they click Like, so the majority of a business’ followers never even see the tabs. Furthermore, while Facebook is slowly improving analytics, they still acquire far more data about a page’s followers than they will ever share directly with a company. An owned online community allows companies to control their own user experience while gaining full access to all user analytics, content and data.

Depending on a company’s needs, owned online communities present multiple opportunities for enhanced business value. Based on a company’s objectives, they can create an experience to help them achieve their goals, whether that is reaching new customers or increasing internal efficiencies.”

 In Short, the new “EWCB” Online Membership Community is put in place for YOU!  Your education, your thoughts, your ideas, and your own unique ways of showing support to one another.  Join our world and share it with everyone you know. Reach out to your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter friends and followers from all over the world. Let’s build the biggest, most awesome, and most diverse Online Membership Community of Women anywhere on the internet!

Click on the Membership Tab above to learn all about the benefits of this Online Community.  We can’t wait to meet you online!

You are a Woman of Infinite Possibilities and Endless Opportunities!