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Every Woman Can Be…

Your World of Infinite Possibilities and Endless Opportunities

Our Mission is to inspire women – throughout the world.  We are committed to education, relationships, support, and giving back to communities, both personally and professionally.

Created for women by a woman who believed she could, so she did.

We started our journey in 2014 to bring authenticity back to women’s networking.  Where women     connect not compete.  It’s what we are doing even better today.   Only we’ve take our commitment from the monthly meeting to the masses through the launch of our online community.  Now our reach is limitless…because…Every Woman is a Woman of Infinite Possibilities and Endless Opportunities.

EWCB Coach Babette

Our CEO and Founder…

Coach Babette has had an industrious nature since the age of nine when she enlisted Coca-Cola to sponsor her participation in her hometown scholarship pageant.  Fast forward to today and Babette has taken the enthusiasm and go-get’em attributes of her youth to be a “cheerleader” for others. Every Woman Can Be… began in 2011 as a dining room table dream.  Just ideas and notes on a sheet of paper with one of Babette’s favorite songs, “I’m Every Woman” by Whitney Houston as the theme song.  This women’s organization would end every event with the distinctive EWCB tag line.  Always remember, You are a Woman of Infinite Possibilities and Endless Opportunities.  As most of us have experienced, dreams are put on a shelf and life goes on.  That’s what happen in Babette’s life, until one day in 2013.  Babette’s passion to see women grow, succeed, and reach their dreams was growing stronger.  She knew it was time to launch her dream.  Eight ladies  were in attendance when Every Woman Can Be… held its first luncheon on January 16, 2014.  Since that day, women have been attending monthly luncheons, girl’s nights out, bi-annual seminars, coffee connections, and more.   When we grow, others grow with us. Babette’s mission to reach women continues…


Meet Our Advisors…

Gloria Raye has been serving Every Woman Can Be… since it was just a dream.  Now entering her 4th year as Membership Advisor and 8th year working side by side with Babette.  Gloria is our relationship building expert.  She is the bright ray of sunshine that Every Woman meets as they enter our LIVE Charlotte events.  The voice behind each call attendees receive before and after events…that’s Gloria.  She knows about the “Fortune being in the Follow-up, as the creator of our second to none follow-up and appreciation system.  Gloria is not only a core part of Every Woman Can Be… but a shining example of Relationship Building.




Bonnie Bradley is Owner of Aloette Cosmetics of Charlotte, where her goal is to LOVE: Lead Others, Value Everyone.

This happens through offering:
Natural, Aloe Based ​Products that inspire confidence and improve self-image
Parties to cultivate genuine relationships with other women​
The opportunity to partner with her as a consultant​ and receive​ lifestyle freedom and personal growth

Bonnie joined Every Woman Can Be to further her reach to women in Charlotte and beyond, as well as to learn and grow with others to ensure she always provides her best to current and future customers and consultants on her team.

She accepted the role of advisor because she believes her experience as a business owner, direct sales trainer and public speaker can be beneficial to all women in the organization, and is excited to allow EWCB to be the vehicle to help female entrepreneurs see their true value for the ultimate benefit of themselves and those around them.